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PRINCIPAL Joy Wareing M.B.B.O ( Ballet/ Tap) EQUITY mbr: 32yrs.            INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL 18yrs                                                                         Cruise Ships, Television, Theatre, Fashion

Miz Joy runs a small dance school with FUN dedicated classes, to a high professional standard. A caring and friendly teacher who will help your child achieve their full potential in an enjoyable way. For those children that wish to take their training to a more serious level, there are specialised classes to achieve the standard required to enter national competitions, perform in professional shows and potentially turn their passion into a future career.

An Equity Member, Miz Joy has taught dance for 20 years, with The Dance Factory school established in September, 1998.


A former professional dancer herself, (with eighteen years of experience from Cruise Ships, Television and Theatre), she is highly dedicated and passionate about inspiring your child to enjoy dance and to excel.

Small classes of max. 15 children ensure a warm and personal atmosphere as well as individual focused attention for each child.

The pupils learn the equivalent of grade level standard without the pressure of exams, and instead work towards an annual Showcase at Thwaites’s Empire Theatre.

The experience itself promotes confidence in dance in a positive and extremely rewarding way.


Excellence in Dance and Performance